MHS Bulldogs Prepare for Playoffs

Katie Ozley, Editor

The Montevallo High School Bulldogs have made it to the playoffs for the fourth year in a row. Today, they play the Jackson High School Aggies. I interviewed some of our senior football players about how they prepared for playoffs, and what it is like being one of the few classes to make it to playoffs all four years of their high school career. 

The first person I interviewed was Kial Cottingham. I asked him how he felt about going to playoffs for the fourth time, and he said, “I feel special… it’s a good experience, and I’m glad to be a part of it”. Jayden Head said that, “I feel great. It’s been a long ride, and it’s been a good one”. Joseph Anderson said, “Being one of the few classes to make playoffs all four years is an accomplishment; it’s not something every class gets to say they have done. To us, it’s something we will remember for a lifetime.” Cole Dennis summed it up by saying, “the 2022 class is one of the best classes to go through Montevallo”.

When I asked Joseph how the Bulldogs prepared for playoffs, he said, “For playoffs we have to make sure we are locked in and ready to play, cause it won’t be easy”. Cole went on to say, “We train pretty hard at practice, but it’s more of a mental thing”. The football team has worked very hard, through the rain and the cold, to prepare for playoffs. We are all hoping for their hard work to pay off.

Lastly, I wanted to know what these senior’s favorite part of their high school football has been. Jaden said, “really connecting with the team, and brotherly bonding” was his favorite part of the team. Kial said his favorite part of his experience was, “When times get tough, you show who you really are. You fold or you stand tall… it shows what kind of person you are”.

We are all proud of our Bulldogs, and we are cheering them on at the game tonight. Come show your support in Jackson. Go dawgs!