MHS Soccer Play-off SZN


Maria Gallo

Montevallo High School Soccer Making It to the Playoffs 2023 Season. Soccer is one of the most fun sports and physical in some parts and also very competitive. To Start off the season Soccer guys play their first game at Shelby County High ending it fun and very interesting 10-0. Soccer Guys played Marbury 5-1 getting into the playoffs and getting a start off before the Playoffs, they ended their season with a  14-4-1 ranking. They made it to rankings 1st in the 4A Area 3 standings. The Girl’s soccer season started off their season with a 3-0 playing Shelby County High on Valentine’s Day finishing it with an enjoyable and exciting game. The Girls played Oneonta starting off the playoff-making history. It was a very competitive, complicated game first half losing 0-1, they got their head in the game after 1-1, the defense was going crazy keeping the score that way, and went overtime five and over five. Ending the game with PK’s 5-4 saves, Thanks to Melanie Gutierrez. The Girls made history by ending their seasons with 11-10 ranking and ended up in 2nd in the 4A Area standing.