The History of SPOTLIGHT
The Montevallo High School newspaper staff transitioned their school paper to a website in 2011.  Like the print copy of the paper, the website contains student news, opinion, sports, and features, and due to the diverse and timely nature of websites, we can now include a sports scroll with the latest athletic scores, as well as a calendar of upcoming MHS events.
SPOTLIGHT is a long-standing and award-winning tradition at MHS; the first issue was published in 1938, and throughout the years has garnered distinctive recognition. SPOTLIGHT has achieved Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s Gold Medalist Certificate, the National Scholastic Press Association’s All-American Award with four marks of distinction, and the Alabama Scholastic Press Association’ All-Alabama Award.
Until 1946, the early publication of SPOTLIGHT was called The Spotlight and featured articles written by the senior English classes and produced on tabloid size newspaper.  Times Printing, a Montevallo establishment, worked on the headlines and layouts.  SPOTLIGHT has progressed from being printed on mimeograph to utilizing computer software and digital pictures and printing on newsprint to having its own website today.  This newest evolution of SPOTLIGHT enhances the MHS journalism department’s goal for promoting realistic, quality experiences for aspiring reporters.
SPOTLIGHT is funded through advertisements sold by staff members.  Advertisements appear on the website and link to the sponsor’s business website.

Mission and Disclaimer
SPOTLIGHT is Montevallo High School’s student newspaper, serving as an open forum to inform and reflect opinions of students and the community.
Unsigned editorials reflect the opinions of the staff.  Signed editorials, columns, letters and other pieces solely reflect the opinions of the authors.
Letters to the editor must be signed and may be edited for clarity and length without altering the intent of the author.  Letters may be submitted via the website or delivered to room 108.  Not all submissions are guaranteed publication.
SPOTLIGHT reserves the right to refuse an advertisement based on its appropriateness for its readership.
Sponsor of SPOTLIGHT is Beth House ([email protected]).

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