Boys Soccer Continues their Historic Season


Gio Hernandez, Reporter

After a 3-2 win Montevallo managed to pull a historic comeback in the first round play off. The team had been working really hard all season to get to this point. The game started off well, and then that’s when Steven Chinchilla scored for Montevallo to put them in the lead. We played really well until the first half finished. We had some great passes and made some really good plays. Unfortunately, it seems like we started to struggle going into the second half. We weren’t in the right mindset and we were not making many good plays and our passes were not accurate. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Later the game Daniel Mota scored an astounding free kick to tie the game up and to keep his team alive.

Unfortunately, Fultondale managed to score another goal, making it even harder for us to catch up. We were getting really frustrated because we weren’t scoring, no matter how hard we tried. With only 10 minutes left in the game, we were running out of time to score. Then Ricky Chavez got fouled in the box, giving us a chance to tie the game. I grabbed the ball and stepped up to take the penalty kick. I turned around and the whole stadium was quite waiting for the whistle to be blown, cameras were out, players on their knees, and  people were turned around. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I kicked the ball with all my might and watched as it sailed past the goalie’s  and into the net, tying the game, the whole crowd went crazy. With 3 minutes left in the game , we were all feeling the pressure to score.Until when Steven took a shot causing a deflection off the opponent team. That’s when Christian managed to be in the right position at the right time scoring an amazing goal to put Montevallo back in the lead. After the game they all cheered and hugged each other. The support from the fans was incredible and really helped us to keep pushing through the game. Hearing them cheer and chant gave us the extra motivation we needed to give it our all.