Girls Soccer – A History in the Making


Leila Mendonca, Reporter

On May 2nd our girl’s soccer team played on the road at Oneonta for their round 1 playoff game.

As they entered the unknown stadium with their Montevallo fans following behind them, they knew that the unfamiliarity could not ruin their spirit. Walking onto the field with their heads high, they warmed up and were ready for the starting whistle to blow. 

Starting the first half, Oneonta quickly made the first goal. Despite their quick lead, the Montevallo girls kept their heads high and put up a strong defensive effort. With great defense from freshman Mallory Diaz and many saves from senior goalkeeper Melani Gutierrez, the girls held on. But with only a few offensive opportunities, the halftime whistle blew with them down one. 

Walking onto the field for the second half, the girls knew they had to fight to get a goal. Once again, they put up an amazing defensive effort. And finally, it wasn’t till the last quarter of the game when they were presented with their opportunity to get that goal. With a foul to Leila Mendonca in the box, Mendonca quickly got set up to take the pk… 

And she drilled it in the net! 

The Montevallo fans yelled in spirit as the familiar sound of home from matracas and blow horns echoed through the stands! The girls were back in the game! But despite the excitement from making the goal, they had to quickly lock back in to finish the game. With only 15 minutes left, they were able to keep their midfield and defense strong. But with neither team scoring, the game ended with a tie and they were put into overtime.

With only five minute halves for overtime, both teams fought back and forth. But as neither team got set up for a scoring opportunity, overtime ended and they were forced into the last run. The penalty shoot out. 

The Montevallo girls hustled together, the five kicker line up was chosen, they all broke it down, then kickers Mendonca, Diva Espinoza, Violeta Cervantes, Diaz, and Johana Martinez walked onto the field. With the rest of the girl’s team supporting their kickers from the sidelines and the Montevallo fans clinging to the fence with anticipation, Montevallo was ready to drill the pks into the back of the net.

And that’s exactly what the first four kickers did… until it was down to the last kicker’s turn to shoot… Martinez. 

Martinez walked up to the pk line, placed her ball, took a few steps back, and was ready to kick. And as she carefully paced herself, running up to kick the ball, and then kicked it… the crowd went silent. 

Until it didn’t.


Montevallo fans rushed to the field! The girls huddled up together, jumping with tears of joy, and they all soaked in the joy of the dream they wished for all season: creating history for Montevallo!

Montevallo will now play in their round 2 playoff game on Friday May 5. We wish them the best of luck and hope they continue making history for us!