Bulldogs take down Marbury in dog fight


Avery Lawley

Junior JJ Evans and Junior Deon Gilliland celebrate Gilliland’s first touchdown of the year.

Avery Lawley and Katie Horton

Montevallo’s Bulldogs opened up their season with a big win, 36-27, over the Marbury Bulldogs. This put Montevallo ahead of most of their competition this season with 1-0 lead.

“We decided before the bust through that this was going to be our game,” junior Xavier Bryant said.  “We fought to the end and came out with the win.”

To score the first touchdown of the game,  junior Malik Inabinette passed the ball to junior Davion Gilbert. This offensive play set the tone for the rest of the game. However, on both sides there were several costly mistakes made that allowed the other team to gain some much needed yardage.

Marbury scored shortly after Montevallo with a 28-yard touchdown run made by their running back.

However, Montevallo quickly bounced back with a screen pass to junior Deon Gilliland making the score 14-7 halfway through the first quarter.

“We have a great offensive line that gave me the time I needed to catch the screen pass,” Gilliland said.  “Inabinette placed the ball right where it needed to be.”

Marbury quickly jumped back into action making a 10-yard run to score, but they could not execute the 2-point conversion making the score 14-13.

Montevallo had an issue on the opening drive of the second quarter. A bad snap to the punter resulted in good field position for Marbury that eventually led to a huge touchdown and a successful 2-point conversion making the score 14-21, Marbury.

Marbury fumbled on their next drive which lead to touchdown made by sophomore Orlandis Weeks. Montevallo tried to pass for a 2-point conversion, but it was dropped in the endzone.

With 55 seconds left in the first half, Inabinette made a 15- yard run to end the first half giving the Bulldogs a 28-21 lead.

Coming out at the start of the second half the Marbury scored to only leave Montevallo with a one point lead 28-27

After going back and forth a 44-yard pass to junior JJ Evans pushed Montevallo ahead to finish the game with an opening win, 36-27.