MJCC Fights For Dias Seat


Priya Atchley, Reporter

Montevallo Junior City Council is a group of eighth to twelfth graders dedicated to making an impact on Montevallo and making the community more youth friendly. MJCC started off with the Elite Eight, Sam Reece, Thomas Frost, Winnie Wong, Price Alexander, Jessie Evans, Emily Tryon, Grace Stermer, and Lily Jowers. These students were dedicated to seeing greater youth power and involvement within Montevallo, so the Mayor at the time, Hollie Cost, helped the Elite Eight start up the Montevallo Junior City Council. MJCC became an official arm of the city of Montevallo, driving more youth to love their city. MJCC does Super Youth Saturday, they make cotton candy and sell it at city events, drive-in movies, birdhouse competitions, and they volunteer at the Shelby Humane Society. Over the summer, the junior city council even hosted a mural camp. MJCC gets the opportunity to take part in the City Council meetings. They have Skatepark committees and refreshcard committees among other projects they are busy planning and carrying out.

Despite all the things the Junior City Council has done, Montevallo Junior City Council´s chair on the City Council dais is now threatened. To the youth of Montevallo, having a chair on the council is more than just a chair, it’s the youth´s voice. Cities outside of Montevallo come to the MJCC and are inspired by what they have accomplished and become.

At Monday night´s city council meeting, many of Montevallo´s students, parents, and teachers came together to speak to the council in regards to the junior mayor of Montevallo, currently Olivia Gilbert, having her seat back on the dais to represent the youth of Montevallo.