Playoff games needed in college football

Landon Goodwin, Sports Writer

An unusual controversy that surfaces toward the end of the college football season is the Bowl Championship Series, college football’s post-season.
Most college football fans claim the BCS is “not fair” toward all teams in the NCAA.  The 2011 post-season brought about much of this controversy when undefeated teams in lesser ranked conferences were not in prestigious bowl games.
Also, a contributing factor was the decision to allow two teams from the same conference, the University of Alabama and Louisiana State University, to compete in the national championship, even though they had already faced off in the regular season.
Another complaint was that Alabama had already lost a game while other teams remained undefeated and yet ranked lower in the polls.
Many believed that Alabama did not deserve to be in the 2011 national championship, and I completely agree.  The BCS’s point system is completely bogus.
Teams in conferences such as the Mountain West Conference that go undefeated should get a shot at making it to the national championship, even if they are not tested during the regular season by worthy teams.
In my opinion, the best solution to the post-season would be a playoff series.  Almost every major sport in America, including college and professional sports, have playoffs at the end of the season.
The NCAA discussed this idea shortly after Alabama won its 14th national title in January.  After much complaint from a majority of the nation, the committee finally sat down in June to come to a final decision.  It approved a four-team playoff at the end of the regular season.  The exact details of the bracket and what teams will be involved in the bracket has not been revealed to the public, but they did say that this playoff will begin after the 2014 season and continue to the 2025 season.
I am not sure if this will be the right answer to the past problems of the post-season of college football.  Four teams might not be enough to determine the best team of all, but it will at least give some teams a chance to prove themselves at higher levels of play.  At the moment, I believe this is the best solution since it will be a considerable step-up from the current BCS design.