Romney is choice for improving U.S. economy

Lauren Taylor, News Writer

    Mitt Romney has a five point plan in order to receive your vote. As the Governor of Massachusetts he derived many plans to bring revenue back into Massachusetts, and he has the same attitude in doing so for America.  As a former businessman, he knows what it will take to get our economy up and running again.
    Part one is that he plans on making the United States energy independent by 2020.  He has also configured a plan to start using natural resources instead of the harmful environmental sources that are used now. He’s also hoping that the industries like manufacturing will benefit from this huge change. This plan is predicted to lower prices so that our nation will “boom” when revenue comes in from these changes.
    Part two of this five point plan is to develop a trade that works for America. He believes that trading could offer us numerous opportunities across seas.  Romney says it will help all of the American businesses and workers, only if they are made equal and able to compete and win. He plans on opening new markets for America.
    Part three is to provide Americans with the skills to get through public schools. This will promote a better and higher educational environment. He also has a plan to help the unemployed by providing new job markets for them which will increase the revenue to our economy.
    Part four is to help cut the deficit, by lowering the size of government and gaining control of our national debt. He wants us to be the nation that remains a place where people can open businesses that will succeed. Mitt Romney wants our small businesses to be the ones that succeed the most because his plan for giving the unemployed jobs revolves around the small businesses.
    Part five is to champion small business. Romney believes our small business entrepreneurs do not get noticed enough by our nation.
    “Small businesses are the engine of job creation in this country,” Romney said. “They will struggle to succeed if taxes and regulations are too burdensome or if a government in Washington does its best to stifle them.”
     He plans to cut back on the taxes which will cut back on the “red tape” costs.

    Romney is a substantial candidate with fresh ideas he would bring to the table.  If his ideas and plans become all they are expected to be then Mitt Romney would be a great President for the next four years.