President Obama deserves second term

Jorge Garcia, News Writer

    We’re in an election year again, and we’re left with two majors candidates to vote for: President Barack Obama (D) and Governor Mitt Romney (R).  If you want a country run by a man who knows what he’s doing and how he’s going to do it, you really have one choice, President Obama.
    In his four years of being in office President Obama has sent a mission to kill Osama Bin Laden, reset our relations with Russia, ended the combat mission in Iraq, and banned the use of torture, and that’s just internationally.  Domestically, the President has passed historic health care legislation, restored the financial system, set up a Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, expanded national service, reformed the student loan program, repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and protected our national security.
    Some of the economic accomplishments by President Obama include increasing the Dow by 60% and gaining most of its losses back, and creating a million new jobs by the summer of 2012.  Governor Romney refers to his Massachusetts “job growth” record, but in his time as Governor of Massachusetts, the state was the fourth weakest in job growth and third weakest in private sector jobs. Now he is proposing a similar plan to what he did in the past.  President Obama inherited a far worse economy than Romney did in Massachusetts.  U.S. private sector jobs have grown by 1.6 percent, or 1.9 million, since the President took office, compared with just 36,000 (less than 1.3 percent) in Massachusetts during Mr. Romney’s gubernatorial term.
    In foreign policy, President Obama leads. During his term he had Osama bin Laden killed as well as two Al-Qaida number two’s, and he helped stop the reign of Moammar Gadhafi.  He signed three historic foreign trade agreements with South Korea, Columbia and Panama. He got Russia to sign sanctions against Iraq. He also funded Israel with more money than any U.S. president in history, and he ended the war in Iraq. Governor Romney stated that President Obama has “shown weakness,” but then goes on to agree with President Obama in most foreign policies.
    President Obama sent an executive order stopping the deportation of many undocumented people under 30 on June 15, 2012.  This is known as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.  This will allow many students brought here by their parents to further their education beyond high school.  He wants to give amnesty and citizenship to those kids and students as well.  He wants to pass a national Dream Act, which Paul Ryan (Governor Romney’s running mate) says he will not allow, basically killing the dream of many undocumented students who wish to go to college to get a good career.  Governor Romney wants to mold his immigration policy to that of Arizona, which allows the police to stop you if you “look illegal.” President Obama admits that not passing a good reform his first term is one of his biggest mistakes.