Apple’s iOS7 brings changes to iPhone

Katie Hamrick, News Writer

Apple launched its new software update, iOS7, Wednesday, Sept. 18.
The new update offers a whole new look for Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods. The update on the camera offers filters while taking the pictures. I personally like the new camera update.
The new keyboard that is offered is a bit smaller than the iOS6.1.3 keyboard. I don’t personally like the idea of a smaller keyboard because it is easy to mistype characters.
iOS7 also has the option of multitasking. In my opinion, this option makes apps and programs run slower. The software also released the new iTunes radio. This allows you to listen to unlimited music with a limited amount of skips when connected to wireless internet. This is one of my favorite add-ons made by Apple.
The look on the new iOS7 has changed a bit. The lock screen is slightly transparent, which allows you to actually see your background. This update makes it harder to see your pass code circles if you have a dark background. The home screen and icons also changed. The icon font and picture changed to more of a cartoonish style instead of a professional look. I am not fond of this because it seems to be targeted to a younger crowd more interested in fads and fashion rather than function. Apple also changed the home screen background to a 3-D version, which moves the background around.
Over all, I’m not as pleased with iOS7 as I thought I would be. The number of changes made to the software will take time to get used to.