Homecoming parade and pep rally


The yearly Montevallo homecoming parade took place on Thursday night October 3, 2019. The night was kicked off by FBLA members, who organized the parade to show off grade level school spirit. The streets were filled with lots of people, children, and music from all the different floats that were part of the parade. The parade included many clubs and sport teams such as FBLA, FFA, football, cheerleading, volleyball, fire and rescue team, band, majorettes, and many more. There were also four floats from our high school grade levels and each one had their own theme.  The 9th grade theme for the parade was galaxy “Blast the Tigers.” The 10th grade theme for the parade was western. The 11th grade theme for the parade was “Throw back the Tigers.” The 12th grade theme for the parade was “Tame the Tigers.” 

Wilmarie Oquendo said, “This is definitely one of my most favorite parades of the year, it was so much fun participating with FBLA and getting to give people candy and all types of treats and seeing all the school spirit for homecoming.”

After the homecoming parade, every student and resident made their way to the MES stadium to attend a homecoming pep rally. At the pep rally there was the band playing, majorettes, and the MHS football team and homecoming court were both introduced. The candidates for homecoming queen were Avery L., Kattie L., Abigail E. And, Chaniya R. The candidates for homecoming king included were Robert S., Logan M., and Ja’quel W.  There were also plenty of small games where they let the students join in and compete against each other. The activities included a pie eating contest, get the hoola hoop down the line, and more activities.We asked some parents on their .

Parent Brenda Carrillo shared her thoughts on the parade and the pep rally saying, “Almost every year I try to take my kids  to come and get some candy. They always enjoy it as firefighters pass by and wave at them. This year I can say it was better than the past ones because the pep rally after the parade was fun and it was nice seeing the homecoming courts being presented.”

Overall, it was a fun and amazing experience for all the students to  be able to see and be involved in the homecoming parade.