Lady Dawgs Loss


Maria Gallo, Reporter

On March 2, 2023, Lady Dawgs played against American Christian Academy (ACA). The Lady Dawgs lost 3-2, a very competitive game. The girls that took their chances were Zabdy Perez-1 and Leila Mendonca -1. At the moment they have 5 wins- 4 losses- 0  ties. Lady Dawgs had a 50- 50 percent chance of winning they could have done better if they hadn’t missed a PK. Some of the girls had commented on what we could have done better, Divani Espinosa said, “Pressuring more those girls” and Alexa Gonzales said, “ Finishing their shots and completing their passes”.


The lady dawgs have another game against Northside @northport on March 14, 2023

We are proud even though the Dawgs lost, they still have time to improve this year.


We are so proud of them, Come out and support us!