Lip Sync Battle


brianna hudson, reporter

Montevallo High School SGA hosted a lip sync battle in the gym Friday April 7th for the students and faculty.There were a total of 7 different groups that performed. It was very entertaining.

         The first group that performed was Brantley Burk’s group.Their performance was very funny and it was the performance that kicked it the show off.They were interacting with the crowd and each other it wasn’t just focused on one person.The next performance was by Jacob he performed a country song by himself. It was very entertaining and well done.The halftime show was performed by Mrs.Lovejoy, Ms.Goetz, Mrs.Skinner, and Ms.Pastor.They performed multiple songs and were entertaining the crowd. Another performance was performed by Jordyn she also did a solo. She really stepped up and did a great job when her group was unable to join her. The next performance was by Ben’s group they performed a song by One Direction and they stole the show.It was obvious they had rehearsed and had a plan. They had the crowd on their feet during their performance.Tim performed a solo next by Lil Baby,he had the crowd going crazy.The last performance was by Ms.Goetz, Ms.Hall, Ms.Skinner,and Ms.Pastor. 

After everyone performed they announced the winner even though everyone did great there could only be one winner.The winner was first announced as Ben’s group.There was a conflict with the score at the end and  the new winner was announced and it was the teachers.