FEA organizes Future Falcon Day


Sarah King

Eighth graders participate in a class on Life Skills at the University of Montevallo for Future Falcon Day.

Sydney Selman, News Writer

Dawn Cabrera’s Future Educators of America participated in Future Falcon Day with eighth graders from Montevallo Middle School at the University of Montevallo, Friday, Oct. 27.

“Future Falcon Day is important because it help to get the kids comfortable and familiar with the campus,”  Future Falcon Day chaperone, Aletha Carter said.  “It gives the kids an awareness of the family like atmosphere at the University of Montevallo.”

The event opened up with a scavenger hunt to get the kids familiar with the layout of campus.  The groups then met up for a quick snack break before they left for their classes. In their classes, they got to hear lectures from UM professors such as robotics, social work, and life skills.

  “Future Falcon Day was beneficial for the eighth graders because they got a feel for college life and it was beneficial to the FEA members because they got a feel for the leading aspect of teaching,” FEA President Madison Childress said.  

After the students were done with their classes, the eighth graders ate lunch, went on a ghost tour, and participated in team building games.

“As soon as we finish one year we go straight into planning the next year, FEA member, Kanan Harbuck said.  “We incorporate new games and activities each year to create a new and beneficial experience for the students each year.”

Montevallo’s Future educators plan to continue to organize Future Falcon Day each year and keep this tradition which benefits both middle and high school aged students.