Culinary 1 Final Exam

brianna, writer

Ms. Goetz’s 7th period class will be doing a lab for our exam. We will be making 3 meats,3 desserts, and 5 sides. The 3 meats we will be having are sausage and steak kabobs, chicken kabobs, and beef tips. The steak we will have is a sirloin steak. The chicken will be grilled chicken breast. The sausage is Conecuh sausage. We will have a Reese Oreo pie, chocolate chip cookies, and brownies. For our sides we will be having Mexican corn, green beans, macaroni and cheese, rice, and scallops. We will also have sweet Hawaiian rolls. To drink we will be having sprite, coke, sweet tea, and blue Hawaiian punch. This will be the final exam for Culinary 1 and 2. I feel like this will be a very fun lab because it’ll be different and challenging. Hopefully we will have enough time to do this lab. But I’m glad to be ending the year off with this. I’ve had some great memories this year and some bad. I wouldn’t trade year in Culinary for anything. Culinary 1 is one of my favorite classes. I will miss this class and look forward to havingĀ  Culinary 2 next year.