MHS Musical


Javon Rogers, Reporter

MHS is hosting a play in the auditorium on April 14th,15th and the 16th, The play originated from High School Musical. MHS’s version will be called High School Musical Jr. You can purchase tickets on My School Bucks to attend the play.The big brains behind the play, Allison Johnson, the choir teacher for Montevallo High School and Middle School. I spoke with Mrs.Johnson and asked how it feels to be over the play and directing it.


Mrs.Johnson: “Running the production of the musical has been fun! There have been challenges along the way, which is normal. For me, the key has been surrounding myself with people who are experts in different areas of production. Doing that and delegating to them has lessened my load. Mrs. Lewis (art teacher at MES), Ms. DeRocher (ELA teacher at MMS), and Ms. Mayton (parent of students) have done an incredible job with our props and costumes!! Ms. Meadows (MHS teacher), has helped so much with blocking and putting together a great team to run sound and lights. Having the opportunity to have an assistant director (Mr. Thompson – my dad) who has previously directed this show, has been invaluable. And, it has been so rewarding working alongside him. When our projector installation did not happen, having my step dad and dad work together to get it installed was huge! Then, Michelle Hall (fine arts supervisor) got us hooked up with WiFi in a matter of hours. 

As you can tell, there are quite a number of moving pieces. Knowing people were handling their piece, made my job a little easier. It allowed me to focus on teaching the music, obviously a big part of the show. It also freed me up a little to be able to handle communications with parents.

From the time rehearsals began in February through showtime, we have furnished snacks and water at every rehearsal. Also, throughout the week of the show, we have provided dinner for the cast, crew and production crew. It was all free to them! That is another area where volunteers stepped in. My stepmother and mom both secured monetary donations and actual food donations. We also had parent volunteers help serve the food.

So, it has been a huge undertaking. But, it has been so incredibly rewarding. My main goal was to provide an opportunity to our students and community that had not previously been offered. My hope is that it has created lasting memories for everyone.”

Troy Bolton will be played by Trey Adams as the main character. I asked Trey how it felt to have the main spotlight on him for this play and Trey responded with, “it’s honestly very weird. I can’t really explain it but at the same time I’m happy and excited about playing the main role in the play. It allows me to come out of my comfort zone because I never usually participate in these types of activities.”


MHS’s High School Musical Jr will be worth your time to come watch! You can purchase tickets on Gofan to be in attendance.Go Dawgs!