SGA makes plans for the spring


Kim Garcia, Reporter

   On January 15, 2019  SGA held a meeting to discuss their  day of service and a fundraiser to help Australia during the devastating wildfires. SGA primarily focuses on homecoming, but also does service projects for their community. This year SGA want to not only focus on their community, but also those who are struggling all over the world. 

           During this meeting SGA discussed the wildfires in Australia that have caused severe damage. These fires started in late December 2019 and they keep growing everyday claiming twenty-five civilian lives and one billion animal lives. So SGA wants to do their part and help raise money for those who have been affected by this tragedy. 

        The day of service was also a topic at the SGA meeting, new ideas were shared for how students could help during this day. In the previous years there was a problem with not having enough jobs for the students so this year SGA will add new jobs so that everyone will have something to do.

           SGA has big plans for 2020, here’s what sponsor Mrs. Pastor had to say, “We had a productive meeting and I’m glad SGA has some great plans for projects that will not only help our school but even the world like the Australia fundraiser.” 

We are super excited to see how SGA does this year.