Caution: Forensics Club Advancing to MHS!


EmilyAnne Smith, Reporter

Have you ever seen a TV show or movie where there is a crime scene and you see all of those cool people with the “FBI” jackets and sunglasses on even though it’s the middle of the night? Well, that is an example of a forensics case. What is Forensics? Forensics is the connection between science and the detection of crime scenes. 

Mrs. Boyer is the Forensics teacher and the sponsor of the club. She decided to start the club for students who couldn’t fit the Forensics class into their school schedules, and are really interested in the study. She wants students who are passionate about analyzing crime scenes, blood splatter, and learning more about fingerprints. She hopes this club will spark “interest to have an EVEN GREATER interest(s)” with forensics. 

The club is “VERY relaxed.” They do the labs her forensics class does, but without the grade and paperwork (of course), and discuss cases, evidence, and how to solve them. Officer Todd Pace decided to do a little more for the students and contacted officers from around the community to see if they could present anything from their experiences. So far, the club has had three guest speakers: Officer Pace, David Holloway, and LT Goodwin from the Alabaster Police Department. They discussed with the club topics such as crime scenes, serial killers, and fingerprints.

Mrs. Boyer is excited to teach the students all there is to know about Forensics and hopefully expand the forensics field.