Montevallo choirs celebrate the season

On Wednesday night, December 11th, the Montevallo High School Choir took the stage. Both the MMS, the MHS Women’s Choir, and MHS Chamber Choir performed their Christmas Concerts. They sang songs such as “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” featuring solos by Grace Tibbets and Alyssa Pennington, and “Please Come Home for Christmas,” featuring solos by Rankin Allen and Isabelle Carbajal. Ms. Johnson said that the concert went really well. The choir performed “difficult music” and pulled it off phenomenally.

In preparation for the concert, the students would break down their music into simpler terms in order to understand their phrases. They then rehearsed based on how the pitches fit with each student, as well as the musical phrases. 

Ms. Johnson wants to give thanks to the band director, Eric Kirkland, principal Steve Bromley, vice-principals Kevin Raybon and Lauren Yancey, as well as all of the parents and other students for attending the concert. 

For their next recital, Mrs. Johnson wishes to improve technical skills in the choirs singing, but her main goal is to improve confidence with her students.

 She wants all of her students to feel confident doing what they love. She says that, “I want them to feel confident and proud of their work.” This is a big focal point for her and her teaching. After the concert, students receive poinsettias, a holiday treat for all of their hard work.