The End of an Era

Beth House

   Anyone who has stepped through the doors of Montevallo High School in the past 30 years knows Coach Raybon. He is not only a fixture but an icon.

    As the child of two educators (his dad Don, 25 years, and his mother Peggy, 40.5 years) it could be said that becoming an educator was in his blood. After graduating from AUM with a BS in math education, Coach Raybon started his career at Dallas County High School, where he taught 7th grade math, consumer math, computer science, and PE. Continuing the family tradition of Don and Peggy, Coach also married a teacher. He met his wife, Lynn, while teaching at Dallas County High School. 

   In 1990, Coach came to teach and coach at Montevallo. During his years teaching at MHS he taught numerous math classes, and coached football, baseball, and basketball, as well as sponsoring the swim team. After 21 years in the classroom, Coach moved into administration serving as an assistant principal at MHS for the past 13 years. 

   As an assistant principal, Coach has had the opportunity to impact the lives of students and teachers at MHS in a different way. Raybon says his goal as an educator has been to “make a connection with each student” and to “challenge students to be the best they could be.” 

   Talking to students proves that he succeeded in that goal. Niesha Piper, class of 2020 said, “He has brought out the best in me and showed me who I need to be in order to get where I need and want to be in life.” 

   MyCaya Jones class of 2020 said, “He always puts his students first and cares about their futures after high school.”

   Upcoming senior Xavier Cartwell said that Raybon is “a great person to rely on. He always makes sure I am doing good in school and with basketball.”

  MHS graduate Abby Hamer (2019) said Coach Raybon is “always there for his students whenever they have a problem going on in life or at school.” 

   Current MHS teacher Jordan Brantley has a unique perspective since she knew Coach Raybon when she was a student, and she has been a teacher during his tenure as an administrator. Brantley said, “Coach Raybon has invested in countless lives in Montevallo, including mine. It was a privilege to have him as a teacher and as an administrator for the past ten years.” 

   Coach Greg Dickinson says that Coach Raybon has been his “biggest helper and supporter” since he’s been at Montevallo. Coach Dickinson recognizes the impact Raybon has had on MHS saying that he “can’t describe how much he will be missed!” 

   MHS secretary Cathy Majors said she is sad to see Coach Raybon go because after working together for 15 years their families have formed a special friendship. However, she is “excited for him and Lynn and she can’t wait to see where this next chapter takes him.”

   After so many years at MHS, Coach Raybon has become an integral part of the heartbeat of the school. He has made a huge impact and deserves to start his next adventures in life. In retirement he is looking forward to finding new things to put his energy into, working on projects, and of course “keeping up with MHS and former students.” 

   Coach Raybon said one of his favorite things about being an educator is seeing his students “years later and how they have matured.” While Coach Raybon will no longer physically be at MHS every day he will continue to keep up with his “kids” and make an impact in the Montevallo community.