Seniors claim spirit stick at pep rally


Amanda Buttgereit

Senior Madison Childress pops the balloons of the other classes during the class competition of the pep rally.

Jordan Johnson, News Writer

With football season on the horizon, the student body of Montevallo High School got a look at the newly redone Gymnasium as well as an opportunity to pump up the Bulldogs for their first home game, Friday, Sept. 1.

The classes did the usual class cheers as well as other activities. Seniors claimed the victory in the class competition that included popping balloons tied to class representatives’ feet.

Senior Drum Major Nate Pepper gave his prediction as to who was going to win the spirit stick.

“The seniors are going to win, Class of 2k18 baby, let’s go!” Pepper said.  

The football team then walked out as the whole school cheered them on for their upcoming game later that night. The cheerleaders soon conducted the class cheers in grade level order.  Coach Paul Dubose then announced the seniors as the winner of the first spirit stick of the school year.

However, not everyone agreed with the decision.

“Class of 2019 should have won,”  junior Roderick Morris said.  “Bulldogs are the best, always the best.”  

Morris then was asked to give a prediction about that night’s game.

“It’s going to be a blow-out, 48-0,”  Morris said.

The Bulldogs won their opener against West Blocton 21-14.