Leaders prepare for upcoming year


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Leaders from the freshman class list strengths and weaknesses of MHS.

Tristan Johnson, News Writer

Thirty-six students showed up at the school at 8 a.m. Saturday morning to participate in the MHS Leadership Council. The annual kickoff focused on school improvement.

“It is fairly easy to just complain about weaknesses and areas for improvement in something,” sponsor Lee Pastor said. “To take the time and effort to be part of the solution; that is where true impact lies.  These kids are demonstrating what being an engaged citizen is all about.”

Under the theme of “Being in the Know: Yourself, Your Peers, and Your School”, participants got to know each other through various activities such as Human Bingo and Captain’s Calling. They also took a personality test and discussed their personal strengths and weaknesses.

“I really enjoyed taking the personality test,” junior Alasha Reed said. “It showed as one of my strengths as being a visionary and my weakness of being too logical.  Now I know what I can work on.”

The second half of the workshop focused on the strengths of the school as well as areas of improvement, such as increasing school spirit and a pep club for all sports.

The group will continue to meet on Saturdays throughout the school year to see these ideas through. They will also meet during GPS time.

“I’m glad myself and other fellow leaders of MHS had the opportunity to meet up and help come up with possibilities to make our school and community a better place,” senior SGA president Emri Hannah said. “I look forward to putting these ideas into action.”