Immune cells come to life


Kynslie Riffe, reporter

Mrs. O’Connor’s 6th period anatomy class has been studying how the immune cells responds when a foreign substance enters the body. The assignment was to create a story in comic strip form to demonstrate how one of the specialized immune cells respond when a foreign substance enters the body. The class went outside to the courtyard and brought chalk with them and began their project. Student Ben locks says that him and his group is working on the Lymphatic system, specifically the macrophage cell. The macrophage engulfs a virus and eats it from the inside. “Mike is going to a virus restaurant where he gets a big plate of viruses and eats them, its like a buffet”. Other students did similar concepts but with different cells. Johana Moncerrat and her group did the memory B cell. The memory B cell fights infections and if they return they know how to fight them off again. They drew a castle and a really big memory B cell and the cell is mad. “He goes back with his buddies and they all come back to the castle, they attack and they win the infection and they’re all happy.” School might not always be fun and exciting, but class activities like these help students enjoy learning.