MHS Choir Field Trip to Auburn


Siara Kennedy and Tyler Gentry

The MHS Choir traveled to Auburn University to learn about different pieces of music from the University of Auburn’s Choir. They gained an inspiring point of view while on their visit. 

They arrived and ate a spot called Niffers Place. They then viewed the campus and met Auburn’s Choir Director, Mr.Powell. The MHS Choir also got an up close point of view of Auburn’s Chamber Choir, Showcase Choir, Girls-only choir, and also their regular choir.

Senior, Kamia Hudson said the experience was “ very fun and we learned two songs in an hour, while also with four different schools, and also exploring Auburn’s campus was interesting and lastly I loved the lemonade shop!” Another choir member, Timothy Waters who is also a senior at MHS said the experience was “amazing because we met a lot of new people and it was great energy and a great campus overall. I especially enjoyed the sight of the historical sights!” 

We thank our choir director, Mrs.Johnson, for helping our choir become successful and have opportunities like this. Go Dawgs!