Job shadowing at MES


Anna Thompson, Reporter

Since I was young, I have always known that I wanted to be a teacher. I would come home after school and teach my dolls lessons that I had learned that day. My teachers at school would give me worksheets and books to use and I would teach my toys. My parents knew that one day I would become a teacher. And now that I am one step closer to achieving that dream is crazy! 

Currently, I am a senior at Montevallo High School and plan to pursue a degree in Elementary Education. I would like to teach first or second grade, but any elementary age class would be fine with me. I am currently involved in many organizations such as Future Teachers of America, which is how I get the opportunity to shadow an elementary school teacher. 

At the beginning of this year, the FTA sponsor, Mrs. Dawn Cabrera, asked me if I would like to shadow an elementary school teacher. Of course, I took her wonderful offer. She explained to me that I would be going over to Montevallo Elementary School every day and shadow a first-grade teacher, Mrs. Andrea Lackey. 

Currently, Mrs. Lackey teaches first grade at MES and has been for several years. And she says she “loves every minute of it.” 

Mrs. Lackey was kind enough to let me come to her class every day during writing and help her out. While there, I help grade and file papers, assist students with their school work, and help finish any lesson plan activities. 

This opportunity has helped me decide that I want to be a teacher. I am very grateful for the chance to be able to shadow Mrs. Lackey and for the advice I have gotten along the way from her and other first grade teachers. 

If you have an interest in being a teacher of any age group, join Future Teachers and talk to Mrs. Cabrera!