Bulldogs greet elementary students

Elizabeth Hughston and Katlyn Duchene

Every home football game, varsity players and cheerleaders visit to the elementary school to greet the students by opening car doors when they arrive at school.

“I like greeting the kids and getting them pepped up about the game,” senior cheerleader Kattie Jones said.  “It also gets the football players and cheerleaders pepped up and brings us closer together.”

This tradition began many years ago under the direction of previous baseball coach Trey Simpson in order for the players and cheerleaders to reach out to the younger generation in a positive way.

“I’ve experienced how to be a successful student athlete and I just want to show these kids how to get to that level,” senior football player Isaiah Chappell said.  “They look up to all of us on this football team, and I just want to see them be the best person they can be.”

The group will return to the elementary school, Friday, Oct 26 as the Bulldogs take on the Greensboro Raiders.