Students take classes at the University of Montevallo


Senior Mikayla Cardwell walks over to the University of Montevallo to her World History class.

Amanda Buttgereit, News Writer

Throughout the school day, several high school students walk across the street to take classes at the University of Montevallo.

“We are very fortunate to have a quality university directly across the street from us,” principal Brandon Turner said.  “For students, we are able to take numerous field trips there for the purposes of learning and allowing our classes to have a glimpse of college life.  We also take advantage of dual enrollment courses in English and Pre-Calculus and our Future Teachers are able to participate in education classes taught by professors.”

Students are open to a variety of courses and opportunities to get ahead on their studies. Currently, there are eight Montevallo High School students enrolled at the University of Montevallo. Their courses are a combination of core classes and electives including Psychology and History. Each class gives a total of three credit hours that can be put toward their future education or can count as both a high school course and college course through dual enrollment.

In order to take a class at UM, students must have at least 3.0 GPA. Only seniors and juniors are allowed to enroll. Paperwork must be filled out and signed by the counselor as well as parents.

Senior Grace Stermer is taking Psychology 201 at the University of Montevallo.

“It has really made me feel more prepared for college in the fall,” Stermer said. “The exposure to the college setting has made me way more comfortable with the idea.”

To help offset the cost, scholarships are also available and students in GRC are give one free class.  Both of these opportunities can save students up to $1500.

Senior Mikayla Cardwell received a scholarship from the Montevallo Connection and is currently enrolled in World History

“It is a blessing because it gives me a chance to get ahead for when I start college in the fall,” Cardwell said.   “I am thankful for the Montevallo Connection Scholarship I received.  It paid for everything including my book!”

Faculty members also benefit from having the university directly across the street.

“Our faculty is able to receive training and utilize numerous other resources afforded by having a university in close proximity,” Turner said.  “We are excited about the continuing developments of increasing our use of the University of Montevallo to greater effects in the coming years.”