Program leaves impact on Bigs and Littles


Abby Hamer

Senior Madeline Griffin (l) talks to her Little during Big Brother Big Sister.

Trudie Benson, News Writer

Several upperclassmen will travel to the Montevallo Elementary School every Tuesday to mentor children as a part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

“Big Brothers Big Sisters is an outstanding leadership opportunity for our students and it gives them a chance to give back in a very unique way,” counselor Cheryl Allen said. “Not only are they providing a rewarding experience for younger students, they are being rewarded themselves by knowing the impact they are making.”

Juniors and seniors of Montevallo High who are involved in this program, also known as the “Bigs,” display impeccable character and present themselves as role models to the younger students, known as the “Littles”. By doing this, the older students intend to leave a positive impact on the children.

“I think it is a great way to reach out to students of younger ages,” junior Amanda Buttgereit said. “It really puts me in a mindset of constantly doing what I am supposed to because I know I always have someone looking up to me.”

This year’s group includes seniors Jessie Evans, Madison Childress, Mikayla Cardwell, Makenzie Johnson, Zoe Dukes, Kanan Harbuck, Lauren Lilly, Nakia Motley, Madeline Griffin, Lillian Stone, and Grace Stermer.

“Big Brothers Big Sisters is not only beneficial for the littles, but for us too,” Childress said. “It is always exciting to see happy little kids. I think we probably enjoy it more than they do.”

This program is always looking for people eager to positively impact a child and improve their community at the same time.

“It is opportunity for us to spend quality time with the younger generation of Montevallo,” junior Elizabeth Hughston said. “I wish we could see our Littles more than only once a week. Time flies when we are with them.”

Montevallo has been a part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program since 2013.