MES Field Day


Maria Gallo

 Good day, Montevallo Bulldawgs! MES Field Day on May 15th, 2023, there were a ton of sweet people we played with at field day and tons of new friends were made! They had waterslides and regular slides and a bouncy house, we ate a lot of  Kona ice. It was such a fun day for all the students to attend too and definitely a good memory to remember forever! There were endless activities to do and it was a beautiful day outside. Tons of smiles from kids of all ages and lots of laughs. Not long before field day was about over they provided pizza at field day for everyone.  There were tons of other activities as well! There were tons of suntans the following day, it was very hot but the sun felt wonderful to many. The Kona ice helped cooled off all the students from the sunny day though and we were very grateful for having them come! We also are very thankful to all the lovely teachers and staff members for putting together such an awesome day! It is highly recommended to come back the next field day! We hope to see you here next year! Go Dawgs!