A stroll in The Garden of Prom


Jamal Henderson, reporter

On April 22nd, prom commenced for Montevallo High School. This was a time filled with excitement as people’s hearts reverberated so loudly from the anticipation of this event. In total there were 109 guests. 23 of these guests ran for Prom King and Queen 8 boys and 15 girls. 

For the last two years, prom has been held at American Village. The senior walkout began around 10:15 and directly after was the crowning and then prom ended at 10:30.

 When talking to the Prom King Gavin Monk about his thoughts on prom and the competition he said “I had a really great time at prom and participating in the competition was really fun.” 

When talking to the Prom Queen Ashia Ward about how she felt before prom started, how she felt after it ended, and any last thoughts or words of advice she said “ I feel good it was an great experience and for advice I would say to make as many friends as you can and try to be as nice as you can.” 

Overall prom seems to be in a common consensus that it was good and better than last year! Prom next year I expect to be even better than this year!