Boys and Girls Club Painting Rocks with MJCC


Jamal Henderson, reporter

On Wednesday, April 19th, the Boys and Girls Club partnered up with MJCC (Montevallo Junior City Council) to paint rocks. These rocks will be painted around Montevallo’s playground near the high school baseball field. This will be a great opportunity for the Boys and Girls Club to do something nice for the community and MJCC gets to be involved with the city and create more positivity in the community.

 Because of this unique opportunity, I asked Julia Smith  (Junior Mayor) and Ms. Brit ( Program Director) what they thought of this event Julia said “ It was a good first experience. I really liked it here. I think it was cool we hung out with the little kids I think it was a good experience and they really liked it as well! “

Ms. Brit said “I think it was really well organized, everyone worked well with the kids, they definitely enjoyed it and it was  beneficial to the community as a whole! Anything to do with the community, the Boys and Girls Club is always proud to be a part of and always encourages our local organizations to come especially our local high school!” 

 Overall, this was a great opportunity for everyone to do something that they typically don’t get to do.