Heritage Panel


Jamal Henderson, reporter

   On April 3rd and 4th students who were selected for Heritage Panel by various teachers took a bus to the University of Montevallo. This is where students were met by ACE sponsors to talk to them about social injustice. This program gathers students from different ethnicities to talk about their experience with social injustice pertaining to racism, ableism, sexism, discrimination, bullying and so much more! Timothy Waters and Jaylon Hudson- two students who participated said that “Heritage Panel is a great experience to educate the community and understand how people view things along with their feelings to help solve different problems in the community and learn about social justice- overall it’s just a great program.”   

    At the conclusion of training the students would then discuss their experiences and stories shared at UM with students in classes at MHS. This is to educate students about what other people go through in comparison to others and help them understand and try to become more aware of the things that go around not just at our school, but the entire world.