ACT Prep


Javon Rogers, Reporter

Montevallo High School is closing in on ACT testing for the class of 2024. The test will be on Tuesday, March 15th. The school has provided an optional mock ACT for this junior class. These students have been doing ACT prep for quite awhile now to prepare the students for the real thing. All core classes practice ACT testing methods and tips and tricks to prepare. I spoke with a few juniors to see how they are getting their minds ready for the ACT.

Tyler Gentry: “For the past few weeks the ACT has been a huge topic of discussion and something we as students have been practicing for. We have been learning different tactics,strategies, and skills that will help us when it comes to our timing on the ACT. I feel like we are well prepared and ready for the ACT.”

Braxton King: ”For the past few weeks we have been learning tips and tricks for the ACT. I have also studied various practice tests and learned new tricks. Most importantly I have worked on time management.” 

It’s great that Montevallo High School is helping the class of 2024 prepare for the upcoming  ACT in a new way that they’ve never done before. All of this week Montevallo’s junior class will mostly work on ACT specific assignments, tests, and worksheets. Good luck to Montevallo’s class of 2024 on taking the ACT!