2023 Honor Graduates


Javon Rogers, Reporter

Montevallo High School has recognized a handful of students that have had excellent academic performance. They’re called honors graduates. Honor graduates are students who either have a 4.0 GPA or higher or are in the top 5% of their class as a senior student. These students may obtain a standard or advanced diploma and achieve this honor. I sat down with a couple of honor graduate students and asked them what they did to achieve such academic success and how it feels to end high school in such a positive way.

Siara Kennedy:  “I feel very satisfied and relieved that I worked hard enough to accomplish high school with a 4.0. I always had an optimistic attitude towards my grades and strive for all A’s every year regardless of the challenges of honors and AP classes. It feels great to end high school this way and it gives me something honorable to look back on.”

Emily Gallagher: “I just made sure to keep up with my work and do my best on all of it. I’ve always set high standards for myself so I just kept the same mindset coming into high school. I’m very relieved that all the hard work has paid off and that I have accomplished something.”

Congratulations to our Montevallo High School class of 2023 Honor Graduate students, Go Dawgs!