DAWG Impact’s Valentine’s Day


Leila Mendonca, Reporter

Valentine’s Day is a day full of love and joy. It is a day where we make our family and friends feel love and joy by expressing our affection with greetings and gifts, and this past Valentine’s Day, MHS’ Dawg Impact has spread that Valentine love to the elders at the Hatley HealthCare in Clanton.

Dawg Impact created handwritten cards and sent candy to the elders at the Hatley HealthCare. As many people may feel lonely on this day, Dawg Impact’s deed brought those at the Health Care love and joy. Dawg Impact member Emily Gallagher says that she is grateful that we got to “Show love to the elderly’s because sometimes they are often overlooked.” She says “People often do things for the young kids so I am glad we got to show them some love during this Valentine’s season.” Emily Gallagher’s mother Michele Gallagher, who works as Hatley HealthCare’s dietitian said that the cards and snacks were a “wonderful surprise for the residents at Hatley HealthCare!” 

We love to see smiling faces not only within our school, but within our outside community as well! MHS is so proud of DAWG Impact and all that they do!