2023 Miss Montevallo’s Pageant

Siara Kennedy, Reporter

It is time for the 2023 Miss Montevallo Pageant. This is an opportunity for many young girls and teens to show off their skills, beauty, and personality. The pageant will be held in the Montevallo High School auditorium on Saturday, March 18th. The pageant for Elementary School age girls starts at 3pm and for Middle and High school age girls it will start at 6pm. The Middle and High school girl will do individual interviews with the judges. 4th and 5th grade contestants will interview as a group. All younger contestants will not interview.

  • Mini  (Grades K-1)
  • Little (Grades 2-3)
  • Young(Grades 4-5)
  • Junior (Middle School Grades 6-8)
  • Miss Montevallo (High School)

Cissy Johnson, who is in charge of the 2023 Miss Montevallo Pageant wants the girls to understand, “that yes, it’s about stage presence but not only that, I had a middle school student come up and state how her appearance was not “pageant appealing” when I asked her about being in the pageant. It broke my heart because she was beautiful. It’s about inner beauty and it gives the girls confidence and they need to look at it as an opportunity to have fun, be different, and be with their friends and have a good time.” 

I also spoke with 2022 Miss Montevallo, Hannah Locks, and she spoke about how her experience was “exciting and empowering”. Hannah’s advice to the girl contestants is to, “completely be yourself and take the pageant as an opportunity to learn  more about yourself and focus on cheering for and empowering other girls. As much as it is a “competition”, it is an opportunity to grow personally and champion other young women.”

You still have time! Apply now, for the 2023 Miss Montevallo Pageant and come out and have a good time!