Peer Helpers


Jamal Henderson, reporter

Beginning on January 19th, Peer Helpers will be going to Mrs. Brantley’s class every first and third Wednesday of the month. Her class size consists of 20 people. The first one to begin this will be with Timothy Waters (a senior) and Jamal Henderson (a senior)  talking about maintaining healthy relationships. 

They will have to make a presentation and create an activity to go along with what they will be discussing.There are various other topics that will be discussed over this school semester like managing stress, mental health wellness, online identity and so much more! This will be a great chance for peer helpers to help improve their public speaking abilities and apprise people of important skills to learn or to consider implementing. Since this is a big step presenting in front of a class, I decided to ask Timothy how he feels about presenting to her class and he said “he isn’t nervous we just have to know what we’re doing.” Overall, this will be a great chance to make a difference in someone’s life. 

Even if small, planting the seed can go a long way because as these students grow they can take the skills they learn and affect others creating a positive snowball effect.