Archery team returns

Madison Peters and Lizbet Salazar

   The Archery team is finally coming back to MHS after 2 years. Lots of boys and girls are very excited about this.  The team so far consists of 28 people. The team will practice once a week and their first tournament will be in Prattville in March. Archery is a great way to build sportsmanship and allows some kids who may not be as athletic to be in a sport where they can still compete at state level and work on improving themselves.

   In 2020, when the archery team was coming back from a tournament the schools got shut down from covid and now they are back with a new season after 2 years.  When asked how he feels about starting up the team after 2 years head coach Mr.Martin said he is excited to see the outcome of the season and it will be the 1st step to a new opportunity.

   When asking former member, Catherine Delawder, what she looks forward to this season she said, “to seeing how many people will join it and make new friends.” She has played archery since middle school and it has always been her thing.We wish the archery team a good season and we can’t wait to see what they accomplish.