Downtown Christmas Decorations


Jamal Henderson, Reporter

On Wednesday, November 30th the Window Christmas Decorating Contest judging will commence. This is where all the windows on Main Street that the different organizations have decorated will get judged. The prize for 1st place is $200, 2nd is $150, and 3rd is $100 in cash. The winners will be announced on December 1st, during the tree lighting ceremony at 5:30.

There were a total of 13 organizations that participated in this event. Each organization comes up with unique designs on how they will design the window they randomly got assigned for the competition.  The designs must either be 3D, or artwork hung inside the building but the windows cannot be painted. Some decorated with ornaments on a Christmas tree, others used pieces of paper, and some a dining table.

This was a great way to get closer with fellow peers in your school, create some group bonding, get some exposure to them outside of the classroom, and have fun while decorating a window, potentially even winning!