History comes to life


Siara Kennedy and Javon Rogers

MHS math and history teacher, Mr.Martin, portrayed an 18th century colonial and revolutionary war lifestyle at the MHS band practice field on Thursday November 17th. The 10th grade history classes to learn about the different things during this time period in history, such as, education, civilian life, cooking skills, military, and other artifacts. 

Several 10th graders shared their experience in learning about this time. Zach Shores stated how “it was fun and interesting learning about how different things in life were like in the old world transitioning into the new world..”, another 10th grader, Jadyn Foster explained it was “interesting seeing their attire and culture…” 

Montevallo teachers do their best to help bring history to life for their students and this is just one great example. We would like to thank Mr.Martin and his guests who helped this opportunity happen.