New faces at MHS

Maria Gallo and Lizbet Salazar

MHS this year welcomes many new teachers, staff, and students this year.

Oliver Gurganus taught at Chilton County High School and now he’s here at MHS teaching 10th grade US history. Mr.Gurganus graduated from the University of Montevallo. He really enjoys

“the quaint, small-town atmosphere of Montevallo.” Gurganus said he believes “Teaching in a small town provides a really unique environment that is sometimes lost in larger suburban and larger city systems.” Coach Gurganus coached soccer at CCHS which makes him the perfect choice as the new head coach for the Montevallo boys soccer team.  Gurganus said he is “impressed with Montevallo soccer. There’s a lot of energy and atmosphere surrounding the program, and that doesn’t exist at most schools.” 

Another addition to the MHS staff is the new 10th grade ELA teacher Mrs.Skinner. She taught at Rehobeth High School where she was an honors and general ed English teacher. Mrs. Skinner has been married for 12 years and has served in the Army. Mrs. Skinner said her family “moved up here for her husband’s  job.” She also said that she really  “Loves the people, everybody is friendly”.

There are also some new students this year. Camila Jimenez, a current sophomore said  “We moved to Montevallo because we lived too far away and my mom wanted to be back in a small town”.   Camila also said “There are really nice people who make you feel a part of the school”. Another new student that we welcome is Josh Clayton, a sophomore who said he moved here because it seemed like a very good school. He also said he likes the floors and loves the people.


Be sure to welcome these and all of the new faces you see in the hall!