Seniors Talk About Favorite Memories and Tips

Ashley Zapata, Reporter

With these last four years coming to a close, our seniors are starting to close out their high school career with only but a couple of days left until graduation. We asked several of our seniors if they would be willing to share some of their favorite memories here at MHS from any of their last four years. Isaura Hernandez said “It would definitely be participating in the homecoming parade, going to soccer games, becoming Prom Queen, even my internship at Shelby Hospital!” Isaura was recently awarded the Shelby County Student of the Year “Future Leader” award, a great honor truly. Our sincerest congratulations from everyone at MHS! Isaura said “don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!! Go to games, pep rallies, join clubs, join in on dress up days!! High school goes by quick, have fun!!” Brithany chimed in and said that she hopes to graduate on time (very obviously joking and laughing as she said this)

Leslie Langley told us her favorite memories were all in band, the bonds, friendships, and great memories that she created. When asked about any future plans or long term goals, she told us about graduating from the University of North Alabama with her major in social sciences and her minor in communications. “Just do your best!” Leslie suggested when asked about advice for underclassmen. “Just be true to yourself and don’t take crap from others.”

We also asked fellow classmate Amanda Boothe about any favorite memories and likewise with Leslie, she said marching band was definitely up there. Her advice for our underclassmen was “get involved! Everything is a lot more fun when people get involved!” Amanda will be attending the University of Montevallo and hopes that in future she can land a career as a PR agent. Best of luck to her! 

What’s my advice, you ask? Simple, give yourself room to breathe. It’s absolutely great to get involved here on campus but don’t pressure yourself into thinking you have to do everything. Do whatever fits on your plate and don’t try to bite off more than you can chew!! Give yourself a little room to breathe in between activities and academics and do your best!