MHS Gets Ready For AP Exams

Katie Ozley, Editor

AP exams are starting next week. These exams are very important because they can count for college credit. Most AP exams have a multiple choice question portion and an essay portion. AP exams will either be in the morning at 8:00 a.m. or in the afternoon at 12:00 p.m. You will receive a score from 1 – 5. Most colleges will accept a score of three for a class credit, but some more exclusive colleges will only accept scores of a four or a five. It is important to study for these exams, especially because it costs about 90 dollars to take each exam.


I interviewed Omar Velasco, Dani Blake, and Ashley Zapata. They are all seniors scheduled to take multiple AP exams. They also all took AP exams their Junior year. Omar is taking four AP exams: AP Government, AP Literature, AP Calculus, and AP Computer Science. Omar says he thinks his hardest exam will be the AP Calculus exam. When asked what he would tell people taking AP exams for the first time, he said that time management was very important during the AP exams.


Dani Blake is taking AP Government and AP Literature. Dani thinks her hardest exam will be the AP Literature exam because of the amount of essays involved in the exam. Dani has been preparing for the AP exams by taking mock exams in class and studying the specific material involved with the exam.


Ashley Zapata is taking AP Government, AP Literature, and AP Computer Science. She thinks her hardest exam will be the AP Computer Science exam. Her advice for first time AP testers is to start studying early and to ask teachers for help.


Taking the AP exams is serious. AP classes are a lot of work, and if you study and prepare, your score will reflect your work and help you get ahead in college.