Z Club Throws Sadie Hawkins Dance


Priya Atchley, Reporter

The Montevallo High School Zonta Club is hosting a Sadie Hawkins Dance February 25th, 2022. The dance will be held at the University Of Montevallo Retreat Center from 7 PM to 10 PM with a snowball theme. The tickets are $5 beforehand but if you decide to get tickets at the door, they will cost $7. 

What is a Sadie Hawkins Dance? A Sadie Hawkins Dance is usually an informal dance where the girl asks the guy to dance instead of the traditional guy asks girl dances. Although the dance is for girls to escort guys, it is still a dance and you don’t need a date to go. 

 This year’s Sadie Hawkins Dance will be the second Sadie Hawkins Dance hosted by the Montevallo Zonta Club. The oragnizer of Montevallo HIgh School’s Z-club, Olivia Gilbert, noted how “it really helps to have such an awesome Z Club that is willing to pitch in and help get everything together!” There will be music, the playlist consisting of songs by One Direction, Arctic Monkeys, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Queen, and many more. Food from Montevallo’s local C’s cake and Coffee house will be featured and there will even be a photo boothe setup.

When asked where she got the idea to host the dance, Olivia said she had heard of the Sadie Hawkins dance and was interested in “the way that these dances flip the traditional ‘boys ask girls’ concept on its head”. 

We can’t wait for the Sadie Hawkins dance and hope to see all of you there!