Semester Exams Return to Montevallo


Ashley Zapata, Reporter

After over a year worth of a break, semester exams are back. But for our newer students, just how do exams work?

Semester exams, as the name suggests, are an overall test done at the end of a semester. This year’s fall semester exams will take place between December 13th to the 16th. Monday the 13th will be for the 1st-Period Exam and 4th-Period Exam. Tuesday the 14th will be exam day for the 2nd Period Exam and 5th Period Exam. Wednesday, December 15th for 6th Period and 7th Period and lastly that Thursday, the 16th, for 8th Period. These tests usually involve curriculum from the beginning of the semester to around the end of what you learned in the semester. Semester exams account for 20 percent of your overall grade average for the semester. 

Usually the week before exam week, the school has what is often referred to as a “dead week”. During this week, teachers stop assigning new course material and instead focus on helping students review the class material for what could be potentially on the exam. Students also usually take this week to make up any classwork they are missing to have a grade in by the end of the grading period.

As mentioned earlier, semester exams make up 20 percent of your overall grade. The first 9-week period makes up 40 percent and the second 9-week grading period makes up another 40 percent for a grand total of 60 percent. A good tip to gain a broad understanding of what your grade could look like for a class after taking one of the exams, here’s a formula.

First Semester Grade x .4 = __

Second Semester Grade x .4 =  __

Reasonable Estimate of an Exam Grade x .2 = ___

Add the three answers together and you’re left with what your semester grade could look like.


It is a good idea to do this for three possible grades on a test: 50, 75, and 100. This helps so it gives you a broader look at what range your grade could probably be in at the end of it all!

It is encouraged for students to take this seriously but to also take care of themselves. Sleep the recommended amount of time, eat a good breakfast, and pace yourself during the exams. Good luck to all MHS students!