Z Club Promotes Women’s Rights


Katie Ozley, Editor

Z Club is a relatively new organization to Montevallo High School. I interviewed Z Club’s president, Olivia Gilbert about what Z Club is and why it is important. Z Club is a part of Zonta International, which is an organization devoted to helping advance women’s rights. Olivia is also the founder of our branch of Z Club. When I asked her why she wanted a Z Club at Montevallo High School, she said, “I was hearing from fellow girls at the school that there were issues like dress code and other things that they were concerned about.” She continues, I knew of Zonta and was very inspired by their work and I wanted to have a chance to participate in that work.” 


Z Club is mostly made up of seniors this year, so recruitment is a big part of what Z Club is working on right now. Z Club will also be participating in and organizing various service projects. Some long-term projects Z Club is interested in are raising money for women’s shelters and improving our school. Some short term, specific projects are the Bookmark Project (where members of Z Club each choose a woman that has advanced the cause of women’s rights and make an interesting and informational bookmark to recognize these women), Free the Girls Bra Drive (a service project to provide bras for women who have been victims of abuse), and writing letters to women in the Columbiana nursing home.


If you are interested in joining Z Club, the best way to get in touch is through the Z Club’s Instagram page, @montevallohighschoolzclub. There you can find a link to the registration forms, which will then be voted on by Z Club members.