Anna Thompson, Reporter

On Thursday, January 30 and Thursday, February 13, 2020, two Montevallo Future Teachers members had the opportunity to attend an education class at the University of Montevallo. Senior Kinley Edwards and Senior Anna Thompson walked over to Wills Hall in room 100 and participated in a Professional Learning Community “PLC” Education class with a group of college students. The PLC class shows future educators what a real PLC meeting will be like when they become teachers.

Dr. Davis has been the instructor for this class for many years and she said she “loves teaching it.” Each week, two students present their topics with an informational brochure and a fun activity. 

On January 30th, one student presented on creative thinking and the imagination of a child. During her presentation, she pointed out how a child’s imagination is important in child development, and how creative play is how a child learns about the world around them. For her activity, the students played restaurant. She brought different colors of spaghetti noodles for each person to play pretend and tell what kind of spaghetti they had. This activity was good in showing how a child can play pretend and learn more than sitting in a classroom and not participating in class. 

Both students love attending the class and are looking forward to the next one on March 6th.