Welcome Mrs. Boyer


Denise Ocampo and Wendy Escalante

Paige Boyer joined the staff of MHS in the fall of 2019. Mrs. Boyer was born and raised in Birmingham, AL. She is married and has two kids. Mrs. Boyer teaches physical science, forensic science, and earth and space. This is her fifth year teaching. Before MHS, she taught at a middle & high school in Russell County, AL. Mrs Boyer says she loves MHS. She grew up visiting her grandparents in Montevallo and also graduated from the University of Montevallo. She says this town is very close to her heart and enjoys the “small town” feel that makes it feel like family. Mrs. Boyer says she truly appreciates the faculty and how they have helped her grow into a better teacher.

Before she started teaching, she worked on orthopedic sales for nine years. 

She stated, “Being around young people and the hope and joy they have is SO much better than working with adults all day. Haha!” 

When asked if there were other subjects she would like to learn, but not teach she said her degree is in biology and she will be sticking with that. 

Lastly, she stated, “ The students here are hard workers and care about their grades overall. They make me laugh and smile every day which is why I love teaching. 

Overall, Mrs. Boyer is an amazing teacher and we are lucky to have her at MHS!