Students struggle to manage stress


Kim Garcia, Reporter

There is a lot of stress put on high school students to maintain good grades, go to work, participate in extracurriculars and maintain a social life through it all. Though stress isn’t always bad it can help push a student into doing better in school, but it can also take a toll on student’s physical and mental health. Many students have said that this is a big problem for them and they don’t know how to deal with all of it without sacrificing either their mental health or their grades/social life. 

In February 2019 a Pew survey found that 70% of teens say anxiety and depression are a “major problem” among their peers and a 26% saying it wasn’t a major problem. 

Student Campbell Cost stated, “It has given me anxiety trying to balance time between school, work, and my other after school activities.”

 The stress put on students has been shown to affect their performance in their academics and the stress put on them now could affect their health in the future, students find it difficult to find a solution to this problem because they’re already focused on so much. 

Though it is important for students to worry about their academic achievements, it is also important for them to take care of themselves so they can be successful in their future as well. There are many ways students can try and reduce their anxiety and stress, such as sleeping, breathing exercises, exercise, staying organized and allowing yourself to have a break.

 If you start to get severely worried about your stress make sure to reach out to a parent or teacher to help you and manage this and make sure you are taking good care of yourself and your well being.